40/40 Church Planters

Young adults, get stoked!


You have a vital role to play on the mission field. The call God has spoken over each of us is to go and make disciples. Tap into your inner flame and join this global movement as a 40/40 Church Planter. 40/40s are a wildfire taking over the world of darkness, spreading the light of Jesus Christ. Join the other hundreds of young adults that have joined the 40/40 Church Planter program with Ardeo Global! Come change hearts and change the world!


Challenge yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually like never before

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Build rich community with other passionate young adults


Witness God consume people's hearts with his ardent love

Are you ready to go? Click below and apply to be a 40/40 Church Planter!

40/40s are a wildfire movement


Blazing across the globe for Jesus, 40/40s are changing hearts and changing the world. Are you looking to serve on a team that will make a lasting impact? Experience the missionary opportunity of a lifetime. 


So many reasons to go...

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Learn a new language

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Dive into a new culture

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Work in multi-cultural settings


Build community with a team for 2.5 years

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Plant a church from nothing

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Start a radical discipleship movement


witness healing, transformation, renewal, deliverance, salvation


Are you ready to go?

Connect with an Ardeo Mobilizer today to talk about how you can become a 40/40 Church Planter!

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You are the Church Planter

Still unsure about whether 40/40  is right for you? 

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The 40/40 Church Planter position is for young adults, ages 18-29, who are not married. They serve on a team of ten 40/40’s - five from North America, and five from the host country (these numbers fluctuate for each team). The goal is to plant a church and make disciples who make disciples in an urban setting. They are placed in pairs to do ministry (inspired by Luke 10) - one national with one foreigner. The team is mentored and guided by a North American married couple called the Team Support Couple. The Pastoral Couple, from a near culture, then leads the team in all ministry aspects and also pastors the church.

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The 40/40  Team


We won’t send you off to try and figure things out on your own. We’ll send you with a team! We will help you through language school where you’ll go from stuttering to fluent in the host country language. We’ll match you with a ministry partner with whom you'll encourage and stretch one another. You'll be trained and given spiritual and practical tools that will help you reach the lost as well as thrive in a foreign culture. And then, you'll be given mentorship to be the fiery world changer that God has called you to be!


“When I found out about the 40/40 position there was a stirring in my heart. ‘You’re telling me for 2.5 years I can share the gospel with a team of other young people in a foreign country?’ I couldn’t believe that even existed! What changed me the most was the simplicity of the good news. ‘...the gospel, which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing.’ (Colossians 1:5-6)  The same love that transformed me does the same thing to someone in Ecuador. It crosses all cultural, linguistic, and economic boundaries and pierces straight to the heart.”

- Brandon Doerksen - former 40/40 Church Planter - Ambato, Ecuador


It goes a little somethin' like this

40/40’s spend the first 4.5 months of their time on the field in language school and missions training with their team. This is an intense and powerful time of studying, learning, & transforming to become more like Christ, and more like the people you’ll be ministering to. (See 1 Cor 9:22)

Then, for the next two years, the team’s focus is to reach the lost and to make disciples who make disciples. Common ways that these goals are accomplished on the missions field in our teams:

  • street evangelism

  • evangelism events in parks and public spaces

  • humanitarian events

  • church services

  • prayer services

  • special conferences

  • leadership training

  • youth services

  • children’s events

  • family and marriage events

  • feeding the hungry

  • city service projects

  • door to door ministry

  • praying for people in parks

  • home Bible studies

  • teaching classes of your skill

  • discipleship classes

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