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Alexsandra Fernandes

40/40 Church Planter
Anapolis, Brazil

My name is Alexsandra. I'm 19 years old. I live in Parintins-Amazonas.
I have been in church since I was a child. I grew up actively involved in church schedules, but I received the Lord Jesus in my heart when I was 14, so I really decided to give my life to Him, renounce my teenage wishes, and stand firm in the presence of the Lord. At 16 my heart burned for the Lord's work and I discovered my call to Missions. One day I was in the church rehearsing with the worship group, and almost always before we began the rehearsal, we would have a moment of worship and our leader on that day said: Let us cry out for the presence of the Lord, and we began to search earnestly.  Our leader began to pray for each one of us and when he came to me to pray, he prayed as follows: - God, I do not know what the Lord's plans are for Alexsandra's life, if it's a college door open the doors, but if it is a missionary door, open the doors too, Lord!
So I began to seek the Lord more to confirm my call and that was when everything changed because I began to know God's plans in my life.  When I was in my room, I would pick up the guitar by dawn and start to seek the Lord and his presence was real, was as clear as in the worship service and it was like a fire to my heart burning because the more I sought His presence, the more I burned in myself, I began to dig deeper into the Bible reading of the word and to live the dreams of God for me, lesson for my life.  That is where I a--I can make this place a place of worship to the Lord.
In Amazonas there are 62 municipalities and many riverside communities that have never heard of Jesus and also where there is no evangelical church. I have always seen missionaries coming from other states of Brazil or even from other countries to do missions in the Amazon and this has generated a great questioning to my heart, because there are so many people out of the Amazon who want to come here and my people want to go out to do missions and I said to Jesus: Father I want to do missions in the Amazon, I want to take care of my people and you introduce them and awaken the Amazon for missions.
From the time I discovered my calling I have tried to do the Lord's plan and I know that it is worth being Faithful to the Father and giving up everything we love for Him.

Alexsandra's work:
2018-Present - 40/40 Church Planter