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God came into my life in a very agonizing way. I was in clubs, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol.  One day, I happened to be in an accident at work. I was covered under the ground, and at that moment I said: God, if you save me from this I will serve you until The last breath of my life and like this is how He rescued me from death...
Then I entered a church through a friend and from that day I did not go out any more.  I began to study the life of Jesus and I found it incredible.  I dedicated myself to God, to take his word into the plazas, villas and other places.  Simply, I became a new person.  Today in my church I am a leader of young people and a discipler but I never imagined feeling the missionary call.  It will be a unique experience in this part of my life that I would live to do what I told God that day...I WILL SERVE YOU TO THE LAST BREATH OF MY LIFE.

Adrian's work:
2017-Present - 40/40 Church Planter