FAQs about the Ardeo School of Missions


General ASM Questions

What is the Ardeo School of Missions (ASM)?
The Ardeo School of Missions (ASM) is our training program that we believe equips and empowers young people to learn their identity through encountering God. We believe that once one learns who they are, they will discover their God-given purpose. It’s in understanding who we are and what we are to do that we can make changing the world a reality!

Are their age requirements?
Foundations is open to all 18+ years of age. Immersion and 40/40 Missionary are open to all 18-35 years of age.

What do I need to go?
A relationship with Jesus, a passport for international travel, an application, and an open calendar.

Can married couples participate or is this just for single adults
Married couples are absolutely invited to participate!

Do I have to interview after I apply?
All students and missionaries are required to complete a background check. Foundations and Immersion students do not require an interview. We do, however, reserve the right to remove someone from a project if deemed necessary.

40/40 Missionary applicants are also required to complete 3 virtual interviews through video calling. First, with a Mobilizer assessing the missionary candidate then, with an interview panel, and 3rd with a counselor.  

When do I pay?
Aside from your $100, non-refundable deposit when signing up, all funds are due 60 days prior to your starting date.

What happens if my funds have not been submitted by the deadline?
You will be bumped to the next team, 4 months later.

How do I fundraise?
We will provide training and resources for you for the Ardeo School of Missions (ASM). For those doing the whole 40/40 missionary project, we will also provide weekly coaching.

Are flights included in the price?
No, you are required to book your travel separately.

When do I leave?
The 2020 Launch Schedule is as follows:

  1. Winter: Jan 13, 2020

  2. Summer: May 18, 2020

  3. Fall: Sep 14, 2020

Foundations Questions

Which Foundations or Immersion should I choose?
Is there a certain location, leader, or teacher that appeals to you? Will one set you up for more success in your calling? We know it’s hard to choose. Connect with us and we’d love to help!

What’s included in my price for Foundations?
Johnson City, TN: Lodging, Outreach, Local Impact, Project Costs, Guest Speakers, & Tourism. Not included:  Travel to Johnson City, Food, insurance, incidental costs (souvenirs, clothes, toiletries, etc.)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Lodging, Food, Local Transport, Outreach, Project Costs, Speakers, Tourism, Health & Liability Insurance. Not included: Travel to Rio de Janeiro, incidental costs (snacks, souvenirs, etc.).


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