A Day for the Kids

When it's Kid's Day here in Salta, it's no small thing.  The team here planned a kid's event complete with games, prizes, singing, dancing and lots of laughs.  We planned out the details, and when some of the disciples got there it didn't take long for them to jump right in and help.  Several of the youth even put on clown costumes, painted their faces, and led the kids through the motions to the songs.  The more the disciples got into it, the more the kids did, too! They played games and the parents stayed to watch. Later the 40/40s put on a skit about the prodigal son.  The skit had everyone- parents, kids, and disciples laughing all together, and the message was heard.  The Kid's Day event was a success in that the kids and the parents felt welcomed in our church here, and the disciples were so willing and excited to help!

Salta, ArgentinaTrevor Allen