If you don't believe Jesus meets us today, read this!

An Encounter Retreat is a regular occurrence within our church plants. It is a weekend of ministry where leaders from the church and the 40/40 Missionaries serve the disciples in attendance. Through the Encounters the disciples are taken into, what can be best described as, a rich and dense experience with Jesus.

The amount of deep, heart-level healing that happens at these events time after time never gets old, and is always surprising! These weekends are huge inspirations to our missionaries as they see God bring unimaginable fruit to their ministry. We hope it also inspires you! In March, all four of our church plant locations across South America had encounters. We bring to you four of the testimonies birthed out of each cities’ Encounter.

Quito, Ecuador

Quito Encounter.JPG


“All I can say is that I used to be very mistaken. In the past I used to say, "God doesn't exist! God, you hurt me," but today I realized that's not how it is. Today I realized that God prepared me for many things. All of the thorns that I had were painfully pulled out yesterday at the Encounter. My heart started to bleed again, but immediately it was healed.”

Anápolis, Brazil

Brazil Encounter.jpg

Ludmilla and Priscilla

"During this Encounter, God broke me down so that He could rebuild me again. It has always been important for me to have these experiences with Jesus because every time He touches me, I get closer to Him and become a little more like Him. I'm telling you, if you didn't go to the Encounter this time, you have to go to the next one!” - Ludmilla

"It was tremendous; and there is no better word to describe this weekend. I was led to have a whole relationship in the deepest love of the Father. It can be hard to identify the small obstacles and details that prevent us from walking a different path, but this brings about limiting behaviors that prevent us from walking the path God has for us. And in this encounter we identify our limitations, we broaden our vision, and change our mindset. We appreciate the love of God reflected through the lives of our pastors and missionaries, a unique feeling of a full heart that overflows with happiness.” - Priscilla

Latacunga, Ecuador

Latacunga Encounter.jpeg


“Going to the Encounter, for me, was wonderful. It was a unique time that I cannot explain, you would have to go to the retreat and experience it yourself (only by going would you be able to fully experience it as well).

God has changed a lot of things in my life. I am a new person after the Encounter and everyday God surprises me with something new.

I've been able to forgive many people who hurt me and now there's no pain in my heart.

I went to the Encounter because I wanted to be closer to God and for him to renew my life.”

Salta, Argentina

Salta Encounter.JPG


Adela, who came from a battered women’s shelter, went to the Encounter this month. It’s stunning to see how her face lights up as soon as she gets to church! “I felt so relieved because I came with lots of problems, but now I’m so content and happy and have peace more than anything else.”

Think you might be called to be a 40/40 Missionary?

We’re all looking for the sense of purpose. Have you found yours? Do you think your purpose might be bringing people into a healing and life-changing Encounter with Jesus like our 40/40s?

Trevor Allen