Reflections- 40 Days Experience March 2013

cj and nikol . . .submitting to authority that God has ordained is hard and super important and I want to know the blessings surrounding this type of submission and humility in front of God and God's people.

???????????????????? I think some days, it may seem like a "task", but no cost is too high to continue implementing and becoming more serious about being on our face before God and in the word every day. ?????????? I am learning to have self control in the things I say even in confidence. It has been a great learning experience on the things that I still need to surrender to God about my character. brandon and ariel

I really felt a growth with my quiet time with the Lord. The focus on meditation and prayer is huge. I've found myself just trying to get away to be alone with God a few times a day and its truly an amazing time. I'm continuing to grow in hearing his voice and knowing when I should talk or when I just need to be quite. God is good and teaching me more about him everyday. 40 days week 1_1

God has also been teaching me the value of personal worship. I had never put this into practice before, but He has led me to every morning just spend time in scripture that does nothing but praise God for who He is. I have found that starting the day with this mentality has transformed my attitude and heart in how I act, listen, and appreciate the world and my team.

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