How Do You Trust in God?

Trusting in God takes a lot of emotional energy. Especially when you're not used to it. I can remember all through high school hearing the pre-Carrie Underwood version of "Jesus Take the Wheel," preached at the pulpit. It makes me roll my eyes, the cliché of it, that is. However, the understanding is completely relevant and true to today. It's not the best idea to put God's awesomeness into the package of a small cliché. I understand why it happens, but by placing an attribute of God's into the four walls of a cliché we really rob Him of his glory. And his awesomeness! Trusting in God is so much more than saying, "God, here's the wheel to this car that is my life. Take it wherever you want to go, I'll just sit here and watch." Come on, you and I know that the promise that God makes in the Bible about giving our lives over to Him is so much more exciting than taking a road trip with a bossy driver!

The people sitting are our leaders in the church plant of Arequipa through Extreme Nazarene Ministries. The people behind them are their leaders. Seeing the growth of these new church leaders is fruit for the trust this church planting team placed in God.

Two things that I have noticed are part of trusting God. The first:


All to Jesus, I surrender... You probably have that song stuck in your head now. But, this is what trust is about when we're talking about God. You would think that the load would feel 10 times heavier by giving it over completely to God. You are extremely wrong. Man, while I'm writing this hymns keep on playing in my head, 'Tis so sweeeeeeeee to trust in Jesus. And those are not clichés, they are morsels of truth. You want to trust in God. First step, give it all over to Him.


Second, but certainly not any less by it's order, obedience it the pinnacle in a life with God. This is what's missed when we spill out the fore-mentioned analogy. Our obedience is also our love language to God. Yes, we can sing and praise Him, but the best song of praise for our Lord is a beautifully tuned song to the beat of obedience. Obeying Him is trusting Him and the plans that He has for you.

These two things are possibly the two hardest things for humankind to practice. Look at the world we live in. We all want to do what we want when we want and how we want. We are raised in the country to be individuals and independent, not to rely on others, especially those others we might not physically see. This takes a lot of prayer, and I'm still praying for it to be in my life daily. But, the reward is unimaginable. God will lead you to people and places in ways you will not be able to explain other than saying it was His hand. And it will happen when you trust in Him.