How to Let God Write Your Story

Outside my window I see a pine tree. It’s trunk is thick and the bark is in clumps, in the same fashion as one would slather stucco on an Arizonan home. The branches splay out decisively, there is no consideration or grace from where it’s leggy arms sprout on the trunk and how the fingers reach out to the ends. It is an evergreen, but the tint leans heavily toward blue than green. Doted on every branch, the needles crosshatch and disguise the crooked, gnarliness underneath to appear soft and approachable. In whole, it’s easy to see how pine trees can be lumped into the hemisphere of the masculine. The entire picture of it calls to mind “odd.” Not odd in character, odd in number. It’s been theorized that odd numbers are masculine and even numbers are feminine. It just seems to make sense looking at this tree. There is something about it that seems numerically odd. Amazing, that something inanimate and sitting outside my window can give off an “aura” or a “feeling.” It just feels masculine; rough, strong, gnarly. Even more amazing, is that there is an author behind this tree. Anymore, one can be an amazing creator at their computer typing code in funny different languages. I imagine God sitting in a celestial coffee shop with his big hipster glasses sipping on a cup of brewed holy grounds typing in his special computer lingo, Maybe it’s not quite so literal, but the point is, that tree I’m looking at has someone behind it that cared enough to plan what it would look like and what it’s story is.

Through the Psalms there is a theme that I see rise from the pages over and over. The Author is on our side. God is on our side! The same One who thought it was valuable to create the pine tree outside my window, who created something I, in my mind, could never have imagined something so beautiful and yet so strong, He sees value in us too. The greatest Storyteller of all time wants to buy the rights to our life story. I mean, He actually has already bought the rights, we just have to sign the paperwork. There are a lot of questions that come out of this like, How can the Creator of all this have a personal relationship with me? Why would He want to write my story? I’m the kind of person that is okay with having open-ended questions. I like the mystery and I am comfortable with it for now. If you’re not, I encourage you to study and get answers, but I am not at that point yet.

Obtaining and processing the very knowledge that the Storyteller is on our side can be life changing. I wonder how mercifully frustrated God gets with us when He’s writing our story. He knows the foreshadowing and how it develops into these climatic moments and where it resolves. We are left in the unknown and the crosshairs of humanly feeling the need for control. I believe He understands that, thus the merciful frustration. Our finite perspective can become an irksome stumbling block as we learn to trust the Lord’s pen on paper. We tend to glue our eyes to one tense (past, present or future) and forget to consider the others. It’s easy to forget while slumming in the past that in the present we can find redemption. It’s easy to forget that while battling through the present, victory is in store in the future. It’s easy to forget while worrying about the future that the present will lead us there. And all of these tenses have passed God’s editing eye.

What this all comes down to is intentionality. You’d think that if we are not THE author then all we need to do is relax. We are not in inner tubes floating down the Lazy River in a theme park. This is not the realization of the song “Row Row Row Your Boat.” That would be blissful ignorance and naivete. We are not invited to allow God creative license and then close our eyes to nap while He does His wonders. I am suddenly thinking of Aladdin taking Jasmine on his magic carpet ride. He wants to show her the world, and how rude would it have been if she decided the cooshiness of the carpet was the perfect place to take a nap, instead of seeing the wonders the carpet was bringing to her. God wants to write our stories to show us His majesty, and show us “wonder by woooooonder.” It’s so romantic! God is so romantic.

Analyze where you are.

Take the time to regard your life. In what chapter of life do you find yourself? How is your heart responding to your circumstances? What is your mind dwelling on? This takes some self-awareness, and that’s probably the hardest part. Once you are able to pinpoint on a timeline where you’re at in life and how you are reacting to it, you can start to compare it to God’s heart. Is my worry about the future in line with what glorifies God? Am I stressed about my finances because I’m not allowing room for God to be miraculous in my life? Is my past ruining my time of worship because I don’t feel worthy to stand in God’s glory?

Read your own story.

As we are not supposed to live life like we are floating down the Lazy River, we need to open our eyes and read our life. See where you have come and where you are now. Recognize where God has brought you. Take the time to read your story. Yes, we actually should be reading our own story. It’s kind of the rule of ownership that our own things seem less exciting than others’, but this is a lie. Discovering the beauty in our life story is part of the wonder and adventure of life, and it leads to the last part.

Praise God's creativity.

All of this is to bring glory to God. If we are intentional enough to process where we are and what our story has been, the correct and only response we can have is to praise Him for His creativity. Those seamless transitions that He connects, the desperate moments of need He provides for, the people He draws us to who later speak truth into our lives, these are all pieces of the story that God drafts in His perfect omnition. He deserves nothing else but praise for His wondrous and creative authorship.