The Secret Place

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you.  For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.” –John 15:4 Do you desire to be used by God?  Do you want others to see God’s hand of blessing on your life?  Do you long to experience miracles in your daily life?  Me too.

I am learning that there is no other way to experiencing these things apart from my intimate relationship with God.  It makes sense that God’s presence would not flow out of me if I am not spending significant and intentional time in His presence.  Jesus says, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.”

It is not simply a matter of getting my “Sweet hour of prayer” in every day.  It is a matter of constantly pressing deeper.  Most of us are still trying to allow God space in our character to mold and shape us.  However, this isn’t what God desires of us.  That is baby food compared to the grand morsels from the plate of our King that we could be sharing!  Stop with the “good enough” mentality.  Stop with the “it’s so hard to be like Jesus” mentality.  Just fall in love with Him!  Seek to know Him more every day than you knew Him the day before.

I want to be captivating.  I want to be contagious with love.  I want to burn with passion like a mighty forest.  When people look at me, I want there to be no question WHO they are looking at:  Jesus!  I don’t want to be remembered.  However, more than anything, I want every person I meet to know this fantastic love that I have come to treasure and cherish.

It is God who brings the fruit in our lives.  And what is fruit?  Fruit is evidence of life and health.  If we are fully alive and healthy in Christ, then we will bear fruit!  And just like a tree doesn’t decide to bear fruit but rather naturally does as it is connected to its life source, we will naturally do the same when we are fully connected to our Life Source!

Learn to love the Secret Place!  Every day, seek to know God more than you knew Him the day before.  You don’t need to do more things for God.  You simply need to go deeper in intimacy.  Soon you will naturally bring forth what God has called you to bear:  fruit, and fruit that will last!  Don’t miss all the blessing of His presence that He is longing to give you!  The greatest adventure lies within the relationship.  Seek it!

1382019_619940199339_527571117_nby CHELSEA WEBER

Chelsea is an American 40/40 Church Planter in the service city of Ambato, Ecuador. She's known even as a child that God was calling her to missions, and now she is actively obeying that call on her life. Chelsea is a gifted writer, taking readers on a journey through soul probing thought. You can read more about Chelsea and her experiences on her blog All In. You can also read this post in Spanish at Equipo Ambato.