This Year, Focus On Being

It's New Year's baby! You know what that means it's time to make some New Year's resolutions. What does it mean to make a resolution? A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. I'm sure you're aware that gyms everywhere are full in January. Full of motivated people to burn off the calories from the holidays and get those six packs. Sadly, as the weeks and months go on, the amount of people who decided they're going to work out consistently end up falling short of what they had hoped for their lives this new year.

I think we can all agree that each one of us have made lofty goals too high for us to attain. To get a six pack, to have a thinner waist, or to grow a bigger beard. Okay... maybe this last one is just me. The Bible says where there is no vision, kings parish and I truly believe that; but I think in the North American Western culture we get caught up in thinking if I put something in an excel spread sheet it will happen; if I make a business plan then I will be successful and people will see me as successful. Outside of mere physical goals, many of us are falling short of the character we desire to see in ourselves. As Christians, our goal is to be Jesus to this broken world. So, we set huge goals. For example, "I'm going to read my Bible 10 times this year”; “I'm going to pray three hours a day”; “I'm not going to sin this year”; “This year I'm going to be completely perfect…"

What happens when we hold onto these expectations so dearly? It’s likely you’ll miss one day of your Bible reading or forget to pray one day and then end up feeling guilty and shame. Before you know it, you're back to where you were last year.

Beloved, try this... don't DO anything this year. In the desert, Jesus was tempted to do something to prove who He was. You see, He didn't do a single thing and He came out victorious and equipped for the rest of his life. He focused on who He already was, the Son of God that He already was. Identity will always lead our actions.

Ask yourself this year instead, what is God asking you to become? Who is he asking you to be? Don’t make your goal to pray x amount of hours, rather make your goal to be a person of prayer, to be an intercessor like Jesus who stands and intercedes for his children for eternity. Instead of making lofty goals for your Bible reading, have your goal to be a student of God's word. Make your goal to be a lover of God because, a lover will always out work a worker.

So, this is my challenge for you: write down five things that you want to become this year. Move away from goals you have to do. Ask God in prayer right now who He is asking you to become.

What you will find as this year progresses is that instead of feeling guilt or shame you'll discover that you are actually going to walk right into your destiny and identity in God.

Here's my list:

  1. Be a laid down lover of God.
  2. Be a husband who hears my wife's heart in every area or life.
  3. Be a student of God's Word.
  4. Be a person who lives from the voice of God.
  5. Be an evangelist inside the church and outside the church.