What's Going On In Córdoba?

What's going on in Córdoba, you ask? Well, here's a briefing: Last Friday, we had our first youth service (JNI Cordoba) with nine Cordobeses in attendance!

Last Sunday, we had 23 locals in church attendance (a record to date).

Yesterday, we had three locals attend 4am prayer (also a record for our young church plant).

This weekend, we have our third Encounter. Right now, there are ten people confirmed, and the possibility of two or three more. Our goal is 12-15, so there is still time. Please join us in prayer for this weekend. Encounter weekends are intense, discipleship and teaching weekends during which various themes are presented that include sexuality, repentance, forgiveness, God's plan for the family, self-image, the Holy Spirit, etc. This is really the lifeblood of our church, as it is the springboard for those interested in entering our discipleship and leadership training processes. This, as it turns out, is the primary goal of our church - to make disciples and have the missionaries work themselves out of a job.

Would you join us in prayer for the Encounter? We as a team are fasting food all day tomorrow to seek the Lord in this regard. Will you join us?

You can pray in the following ways:

- For unity, health, and freedom from distractions for our team as we have much to do in preparation over the next two days.

- For the location, that is would be safe, free of distractions, and not present any problems.

- For those giving the lessons/themes, that they would speak with authority and boldness, but also with grace, patience, and love. 

- For those coming to the Encounter, that they would come with open eyes, hearts, and minds to what the Lord wants to do in and through them through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.