Short Term Team in Salta

This past month the Salta team paired up with the short term team from Hermitage Church of the Nazarene. They  held many events with their help, such as a kids' day, a soccer tournament, and helped at a soup kitchen. At the Kids' Day event in the park “God gave us the perfect weather for the day, it was successful and fun! We had a skit about the parable of the Lost Sheep. Flor followed it up by telling the crowd how, just like the story, sometimes we are the ones that are lost, but Jesus is always searching for us to bring us back to His sheepfold.  What a special day we had,we ask you to join us in praying that the impact made lasts a lifetime!” says 40/40 church planter, Madison Gibson. They also had to opportunity to engage with the young adult community there by participating in a soccer match. As the guys competed for bragging rights on the field, the girls cheered them on. Some of the local children had gathered to watch, so the girls also invested in getting to know the children and played games with them while the guys continued their match. At the children's soup kitchen, the group helped prepare empanadas for the kids that came. Then that evening we helped by passing out the food, making balloon animals, and loving on the kiddos. I was able to see the very moment that God touched someone's heart with something as simple as a hug.” - Madison Gibson It is amazing to watch how God is transforming the city of Salta. It is God living through us that will shape cities and change hearts!