Antofagasta Team Help Homeless

Alyson Cork is a Cluster Coordinator for the Church Planting Team in Antofagasta, Chile. Together with her husband, Vince, they work to support and give guidance to the 40/40 Church Planters. On Nov 13, 2016 one of our future leaders, River, brought three homeless men to church. River is a street performer and is frequently talking to people on the street. The three men accepted Christ on that Sunday. Two of the three showered at River’s house, I gave them haircuts and they had a filling lunch. They got a few new shirts and Vincent gave one of his hats as one of them was badly sunburned. River helped them connect with a foundation to help them get a bed to stay in as they get back on their feet. They have not been drinking since the day they came to church. Vincent and I especially connected with Terrance. He is from South Africa and he has been in Chile for 2 years 3 months. He is blond and has icey blue eyes. He hardly speaks Spanish so he welcomed some English conversation. He has had a really hard life and was kicked out of his country after being falsely accused of being a terrorist. We are looking forward to receiving him at our house of prayer where the God’s message can be translated for him.