Team Ibarra: Bible Wheel Evangelism

While in Quito training and awaiting their remaining team members the Ibarra team will have opportunities to participate in outreach events. At the beginning of September they were out on the street with the Bible Wheel.  What is the Bible Wheel? It is a tool that has been developed by the 40/40s for street evangelism. It is pictured below. Each colored section is a category that contains questions about the Bible. People walking by on the street are invited to spin the wheel for a chance to answer a question and win a candy Bar if they answer correctly. During this process the 40/40s take to opportunity to engage the person, find out if they would like prayer, share the Gospel message or collect contact information so someone from the church can follow up. This was Team Ibarra's first opportunity to serve together in an evangelism event.  At the end of the day they had contact information for 17 and had many opportunities to pray with people.