Cordoba: 2/3 Progress Review

CORDOBA: 2/3 PROGRESS REVIEW Each church plant has an administrative review eight and sixteen months into the twenty-four month contract. We in Cordoba recently had our sixteen month (two-thirds) review with CEO Brian Tibbs, Field Manager Yoan Camacaro, and Well-Being Manager Sarah Warren. We welcomed the administrators on Monday with an asado dinner and then had a full day of meetings on Tuesday. The meetings started with a testimonies from the 40/40s about our time on the field so far: lives changed, families restored, and personal growth.  The goal of the review was to evaluate our progress in accomplishing our goals and establish goals for the remaining seven months. At this stage in the church plant, our progress is mainly measured by the number of local church leaders and houses of prayer. Other goals, such as church attendance, financial health, and new believers at evangelism events feed into these two goals of developing local leadership and opening new houses of prayer. After attending an Encounter retreat, church members can take discipleship classes and become leaders in the church. The discipleship course is eight months long and takes new and experienced Christians through Bible basics, how to have a daily relationship with God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and how to lead in ministry. After a slow start here in Cordoba, we are now graduating our first group of eight leaders from the course and have another fifteen people at various stages in the process. Our goal moving forward is to have an Encounter retreat in December, February, and April with at least 12 people in attendance in each. This will help the church continue developing strong and vibrant leadership. In these final three Encounters with the 40/40s, Cordobese leaders will start teaching the classes and organizing the different aspects of the retreat. The April Encounter will be run exclusively by church leaders, giving the 40/40s the opportunity to watch and encourage their disciples.

Houses of prayer are essential to our church because they are where discipleship happens. The greatest challenge for us has been growing and stabilizing our small groups. Our desire is for all of our houses of prayer to meet in the homes of our church members. This requires a host who is not only available to open their home every week but also committed to inviting their friends and family members to attend. After opening and closing several weak houses of prayer, we focused on strengthening our existing groups rather than opening new ones. We are now at a healthy place to send out our leaders to host and lead their own houses of prayer having modeled for them what this work should look like. Currently we have six houses of prayer functioning in three neighborhoods. Our goal in the next three months is to open six more houses of prayer in at least two other neighborhoods. This will leave us with four more months to support the hosts and leaders as they develop their small groups and make disciples.

In planning for the future, we also had time with the Extreme administrators to think about what we missionaries might do after our contracts in Cordoba have ended. Several of our team members are interested in continuing to work within Extreme and are in various stages of applying for positions in South America.

Another goal for the review was to finish all of our meetings on Tuesday so that we could spend Wednesday killing each other in paintball. We accomplished this goal as we hope to accomplish all the others. We trust the fruits of our labor in the church won’t be as incredibly painful as playing Argentine paintball proved to be. MEET THE AUTHOR Brooke Thomas is a 40/40 Church Planter in Cordoba, Argentina. She is originally from Idaho where she was a teacher before going to the mission field. Check out more about her and her team and click here Dinner with the whole team! Cordabese church leaders. Cordoba team kicking it hard at paintball!