Getting Ready: The New 40/40 Training House

Over the next few years 40/40 teams will be training in Quito before heading out to their assigned cities.  The Williams (cluster support for Paraguay and now for Ibarra) arrived in Quito and began setting up the home that will serve as the 40/40 house while they train. Here are a few pictures and a bit about how it is coming along.

We have been working on setting up the living quarters where our team and the future teams will be living during training. We have purchased almost everything...though everything we purchased is not yet put together (the Bunk beds!! - we have 5 wooden ones to assemble!) We still feel like all the neighborhoods and streets look the same everywhere we go...can't wait until we feel oriented and free to move about the city without getting lost. Our home space is wonderful! We are in a gated area with lots of grass, trees and beautiful flowering gardens! Right inside as well is the pastor and family that will be leading the church we are planting in Ibarra and they are truly awesome people. It is going to be a great pleasure working with and getting to know them. AND there are two fun dogs also living in here that are Frisbee addicted : ) We are feeling pretty thrilled about all that awaited us here. - Kelly