God is Always Right on Time

We all know how important prayer is and for those planting a brand new church in a city with no Nazarene Churches it seems all the more urgent. We also know that God hears our prayers and every once in a while he makes his hand in the situation so obvious it is impossible to attribute the answer to anything or anyone but God. Many of you have been praying for Ibarra and specifically for a good location for the church to gather.  If there had ever been any question of God desiring a church plant in Ibarra (which there hasn't really been) the story of the church's new home should put them to rest. From the start the search of a gathering place had been difficult. Property was expensive or unavailable, finally they thought they had found the place and the deal fell through. Here is the account as told by Chase Howard (40/40 church planter).

After a long and exhausting search, the Ibarra team has finally found the perfect church location!  Yoan went today with one of our church members, who is a native of Ibarra, to try and close a deal on a different location. While they were talking with the owner, things did not go well.  There were quite a few things that needed to be repaired and the owner was refusing to help.  Yoan and Señor Ernesto left the location very discouraged and sad because we had no other options to turn to with the church launch only a week away.

After the meeting, they waited out front for about 15 minutes trying to get a taxi. Taxis kept passing and no one would stop. Finally, a taxi stopped and Yoan and Señor Ernesto got in. They started off for Señor Ernesto's house and began talking about the situation. After a few minutes, the taxi driver began asking them what they needed. It turns out, he owns a building with two locales and an apartment that are all currently for rent. He took Yoan and Señor Ernesto there and showed them everything. The two locales are right next to each other and good size, the only problem was is that there was a wall between the two. The owner/taxi driver said that was no problem, he'd take the wall out for free and that he would do it tomorrow!

This will be a great space for the sanctuary and it also comes with two bathrooms and a kitchen. The apartment is on the second floor of the building and is easily accessible from the locales below.  It has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a good size living room. It is perfect for the kid's space, a pastor's office, a storage closet, and a bedroom for visitors since there will be no extra space in the 40/40 house. The best part is the owner has offered us both locales and the apartment for the same price as the location Yoan had gone to earlier to close the deal on. Absolutely incredible and the location is perfect.

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