La Fiesta De Colores

LA FIESTA DE COLORES There is little more exciting than showing up to a party full of bright and happy colors, music you can dance to and, of course, time to spend with your friends. Camila and Leah planned a children’s event with this in mind. They wanted to create an eye-catching, exciting and bubbly atmosphere. It was an evangelical event with a celebration for the kids. There were games that included participation from family member and then centered around a short film. The night ended with a final prayer from from Pastor Angelo to ask if anyone wanted to accept Christ into their lives. The intent of the night was to start forming connections with families. The “Fiesta de Colores” (“Color Party”) we had a great time connecting with those who both attend church services and who were just walking through the park that night. With music on full volume, kids running around playing soccer, fun-colored balloon animals and some crazy hats, we began our event handing out small papers with the plan of salvation and inviting families to join in the fun. It was a little chaotic as we were trying to put everything in order. Kids were running around like crazies, but as Heyner began the invitation for the kids to come forward, we realized we would need all the energy these little ones had to offer. We started off with some songs with simple choreography the kids could do, and it was so much fun! We got to yell at the top of our lungs, laugh with the kids and encourage them to have fun dancing. Some of the older ones looked a little disinterested at the beginning, but by the end they were having fun and joking around. In between songs we had a couple of activities planned to include parents, such as the “dust bunny” game were the kids had to take off “dust bunnies” that were stuck to their parents and the first team won some candies. The other one was a giant musical floor tile game. We played a couple of rounds with the kids who loved the game and all enjoyed dancing around and following Leah who lead the kids in dancing, jumping, skipping and doing a bunch of other silly gestures. The last round was played by the parents, which was hysterical to watch, especially for other family members sitting on the side lines and it helped attract people who weren’t there with their family.

After all the action of dancing and games we had a short time of social interaction where we were able to connect with some of the family members sitting on the side. We invited people to participate in a drawing for a couple of prizes, and we passed out popcorn to the kids before starting the movie. The movie ended up being a little bit longer and towards the end people were starting to leave, so we had to change plans. In the end it turned out for the better. Pastor invited anyone who wanted prayer to raise there hand… The response? Seven people wanting prayer over their lives or situations at home. Each of us missionaries was touched by the response that even though the majority of the group was unresponsive these people were brave. Shekinah had the opportunity to pray with a woman, Valentina, who was crying, wanting prayer over her home, family, and wanting to find a church where she could have a real relationship with God. She was able to get her information so that they can schedule a visit. We planted seeds that night, we gave a message of hope and joy that can only be found in the Lord, and we are thankful for the opportunities that God has given us at each one of these events.

Keep lifting us up in prayer when you think of us. Pray for the visits with the contacts we made from this event, for the preparation of hearts of those God has chosen, and protection from any attacks from the enemy. MEET THE AUTHOR Maia Reynolds is a 40/40 Church Planter for the project in Antofagasta, Chile. Along with the rest of her team, she has been working in Antofagasta for a little over a year. You can read more about Maia and her work with Extreme hereMOMENTS FROM THE EVENT Check out these key moments from the Fiesta de Colores! So many happy faces and so many people whose lives are soon to be absolutely changed by God's love!