Leadership Hand-off

(The people featured in the above image are some of the leaders in the Ambato Church Plant. Left to right: Andrea, Juan, Yesenia, Marcos, and Jonathan)

Here in Ambato, we have entered into an exciting phase of our ministry:  the handoff of leadership responsibility.  Ideally, six months from the end of the 40/40 contract, a team should begin putting the leaders they have been preparing into positions of teaching the Home Bible Studies, leading different services throughout the week, and serving in various roles of responsibility on Sunday mornings.  Six months early may seem a little extreme, but when we consider that some of these leaders have only known Christ for around a year, it is important that we are able to walk alongside them in leadership for a time.  Each person who desires to serve as a leader must go through a 10-month process of leadership classes.  The goal is that once they graduate, they have already been serving in minor roles and are therefore prepared to begin leading their own Home Bible Studies and serve in higher leadership roles in the church.

Now comes the moment of truth, when they apply all they have learned in the act of leading and discipling others.  So far we have had two entire classes graduate from the three levels of leadership classes, and four more classes are up and coming.  Although we have already been involving our leaders in certain roles, this Friday, September 5th we will share more specifically the whole of handing over the responsibility of the church.  Although the pastors will stay here under an extended contract, the seven 40/40s and the cluster support family will be leaving in February.  In the past year and a half of ministry, we have watched God do a mighty work of transformation in the lives of many, and it is not hard to see that He has prepared ahead of time several capable, talented, and passionate leaders.  We are proud of them and are excited to see how God uses them to expand the Kingdom.

1382019_619940199339_527571117_nby CHELSEA WEBER

Chelsea is an American 40/40 Church Planter in the service city of Ambato, Ecuador. She's known even as a child that God was calling her to missions, and now she is actively obeying that call on her life. Chelsea is a gifted writer, taking readers on a journey through soul probing thought. You can read more about Chelsea and her experiences on her blog All In. You can also read this post in Spanish at Equipo Ambato.