Let's Build a Church: Demolition and Preparation

Demolition and construction has begun on the site where La Puerta Abierta Church in Arequipa's new church building will stand. The pile of rubble has grown and as one of our church leaders has said, our dreams of a church building are materializing before our eyes!

Less then 2 years after their first service (Mother's Day 2012) they are ready to build their permanent church building. The location is with in the same city block as the two previous rented locations. Last week the long term Extreme Missionaries and a crew of Peruvians began work to prepare the site for the Short Term Team set to arrive this week.

The church is being built in the backyard of the 40/40 and Cluster Support Family's current living space. Quite an adventure for the team as the construction crew has been in and out, knocking down walls, creating the space necessary for proper construction and cleaning up the piles of rubble left behind. The September Short Term Team will provided much needed manpower that will enable the church to be finished in October.  Because it is a larger building the build is more complicated then the previous foam chapels.

You can follow the construction and the Short Term Team on this Facebook page Extreme Short Term Missions

Enjoy these pictures of the prep work.