Girls and Guys Night

GIRLS' NIGHT Our church held a women’s night where the theme was called, “Between Friends”. The point of the evening was to have fun, hear the word of God and make some new friends with the women of Manta. Our Biblical theme was, “Conquering the heart of the King.”

We wanted to teach the women what it means to be the daughter of a King. We really wanted them to understand that since we are daughters of a King, we are his princesses! We are a part of his Kingdom – which is in heaven.

First, we made it fun! We decked the place out with fancy curtains and color. After a time of worship, we played some games…or I guess you could call it dress up and model?! The women were given a specific amount of paper to make into a fancy dress in two minutes. Then, their makeup stylist stood behind them to doll them up.

After that, they had a chance to model and show off their look!

The contest of who would win “Princess of the Night” was fierce. But only one could win! The women and our team had an absolute blast!

For me personally, I think it’s beautiful to teach others that we are something special. Our pastor’s wife spoke about how the world has shown us there are all these different ideas on what a princess is and how it’s a fantasy that seems completely out of reach.

Then she gave the women hope! She told them that we are something special and that the King has our heart if we choose to give it to him.

At the end of the evening, the men in our team came out and gave each woman a white rose – representing their specialty.

To wrap things up, we had photo booth time with the Princess of the Night and anyone who wanted to take a picture underneath our title theme. It was very fun and we could tell that the women enjoyed themselves! Guy time is important. As men, sometimes we just need a few minutes without women so that we can bond and grow together.

That was more or less the idea of the men’s night at the church. We had our time to speak our minds one to the other, without prying ears, to laugh, and to listen to a message by Pastor Luis. The message was about what it means to be a man in the eyes of God; what it means to really be brave.

And that was a good message to hear. When I say “good,” I don’t mean anything generic or lukewarm, but in the purest sense of the word. It was beneficial and necessary. Men these days, in many cultures, lack the perspective of what God says about us and what He is trying to do in our lives. But what the pastor spoke about was just that. And it hit home with the roughly ten men who were in attendance.

So, we were able to share a time together as men, learning and talking and laughing. We had a series of sketches that ranged from the seriousness of spousal abuse to a laughable rendition of a guy who lives afraid of his wife – but most importantly, there was the presentation of Christ’s redemption and how that looks in a marriage and a family.

It was a night to remember. We’ll be moving forward with the men’s group here in Manta with other nights like this one, other times of fellowship, and other times of growth with the help and guidance of God. MEET THE AUTHORS Kellie Mendenhall and Alex Meier are 40/40 Church Planters for the project in Manta, Ecuador. Kellie, Alex and the rest of their team arrived a few months ago to the city of Manta, and are already making a huge impact in their ministry. Continue to read more about Manta.