Meet the Missionaries of Anapolis, Brazil

When I think of what my team was like when we were in training in Quito, Ecuador, the trouble we were, the attitudes we had, I am overwhelmed by God’s grace and mercy that he has given me this group of young people to train. They are all sweet, generous, obedient, willing, and curious. They are called. Each one. They are very called. God has done many miracles in each life to prepare them and bring them together as a team.

Bernard Quirino is the youngest missionary on the team. He’s eighteen years old and from Espirito Santo, Brazil. He is the middle of six siblings and his dad is a Nazarene pastor and district superintendent. Bernard first felt called to full time ministry at pre-teen camp. When he finished high school, he wasn’t old enough to start seminary, but also didn’t feel it would be right to start college since he didn’t want a secular career. That’s when Extreme Nazarene fell right into his lap. Even though he is the youngest, he is often the most outspoken about the importance of what we are doing. He knows he is in the middle of doing a big thing with a big God.

Hannah Mota is also eighteen. She is from Paulista, Pernambuco. She is the youngest of three sisters. After struggling for years with body image and eating disorders, God not only healed her but also called her to use her testimony to glorify Him. Even though she knew she wasn’t worthy of such a task, she obediently followed His lead, only He led her right to Extreme Nazarene. She is excited to continue seeing what God has planned for her life and her voice.

Alexsandra Fernandes is twenty years old. She is from Parentins, Amazonias. When she left home to come to training in Brasilia, she had to take a 24-hour boat ride on the Amazon River to get to the nearest airport. She is also a pastor’s kid and has two older siblings. She hopes to learn a lot about evangelism and church planting with Extreme Nazarene so she can continue doing ministry in the areas of the Amazon that are still unreached by the gospel.

David Bassett celebrated his twenty-second birthday recently. He is from Boise, Idaho, and has an older brother. Since graduating high school at sixteen, he has worked in construction and owned his own construction company. God used a four-wheeler accident a few years ago to catch his attention and change the direction of his life. He is now completely dependent on God and continually seeking to depend on Him more and in bigger ways.

TJ Seaney recently celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday. He is from Kuna, Idaho. He is also a pastor’s kid and the middle of three siblings. Before moving to Brazil, he worked as a golf pro in Boise and taught golf lessons to students of all ages. He’s now traded in golf for basketball, basketball, and more basketball. He, David, and Bernard have met many local guys on the basketball courts and have even led one to Christ already.

Olivia Droke is the newest member of the twenty-five-year-old club. She is from Michigantown, Indiana, and has an older brother. She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and taught English as a second language in elementary schools before joining Extreme. God called her to work in missions when she was only seven years old. She got to know Extreme Nazarene better through the 40-Day program in Ecuador where she got to learn more about missions and see the Manta church plant team in action.

Sarah Boyd is also twenty-five. She is from Cambridge, Ohio, and is an only child. She graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a degree in International Studies and already has her district pastoral license. God called her to full-time ministry when she was in her teens. Like many others, she ran from her call for a long time before embracing it fully. Now she’s taking advantage of every opportunity God gives her to share the good news.

Alyssa Loyd is also twenty-five. She is from Princeton, Indiana, and is also an only child. She graduated Trevecca Nazarene University with a degree in Social Work. She went with Olivia to the 40-day program in Ecuador. She had wanted to join Extreme before that, but God was saving her for this very special team in Brazil. She now has the benefit of a firm confidence in her call and a faithful expectation of what God has in store.

Finally, Aline Santos is twenty-six years old. She is from Sao Paulo and is the youngest of five siblings. She was working as a sales clerk when God called her to leave everything to be a missionary with Extreme Nazarene. God performed several miracles in her fundraising and continues to work miracles inside her heart as He prepares her for all He has for her in Anapolis. Even though she misses her nieces and nephews, she hopes to have a long career in missions and obedience to God.

The team is led by Pastors Lincoln and Fabiana Cruz. They have two sons; Lucas, age 17, and João, age 10. The family is leaving a church that they planted from nothing more than seven years ago in Samambaia, Federal District. Pastor Lincoln loves soccer, Pastor Fabiana loves baking, and they both love Jesus and church planting a whole lot.

All of our Extreme teams are also led by a Support Family who lives with the missionaries. This team still doesn’t have one. Please pray that the couple who God is calling to this vital position will respond with quick obedience. Please also continue praying for the North Americans who are learning Portuguese and for the Pastors and me as we search for a house and church building in Anapolis.