Reflections- Pucallpa April 2013

March 31st: Today was an amazing day! Church service was amazing and I loved taking pictures with the kids! They were amazed how I took their picture and how they could see it on the little screen on my camera. I just love kids!~ Lilly Staggs Pucallpa april 2013-2

His name was Fabio. I sat by him as I flew from Chicago to Houston. Fabio was from Brazil and traveling for Caterpillar. I told him what I was going to do in Peru with members from my church. He allowed me to show him my special bracelet with the plan of salvation. He told me he loved Jesus although he was not attending church. I encouraged him in the Lord, gave him my bracelet. He said he would pray for us. I told him I would pry for him. What a special time it was sharing Jesus with Fabio. Join me in praying for him. ~ Joyce Ayers

Pucallpa april 2013-9

I saw and am encouraged that the church is growing worldwide and indeed in Peru. In Kokomo we hear much of church growth and vitality in Peru. The 3 young boys that did an interpretive dance were wonderful and an inspiration.~ Lowell Ayers

Pucallpa april 2013-8

During today's ceremony, there were several children looking in the door on the left side. They would leave and then they would come back, stay a while, then go and play. What a way to get introduced to church.~ Easter Sunday

Behind the church site we have a shaded area where we stash out water bottles, supplies, etc. To the sides of this area are various plants. One plant has little tiny red and green chili peppers. One of our young men, Chris, picked one and was going to pop it in his mouth. I cautioned him and said he should ask one of the local people if it was safe. I saw an ornery gleam in the eyes of the Peruvian men as they encouraged Chris to partake! Chris bit off half the little pepper, quickly chewed and swallowed as he jumped up and down, red faced and gasping for water. The Peruvian men laughed along with all of the rest of us as Chris drank and spit to get the heat out of his mouth!~ Joyce Ayers

Pucallpa april 2013-7

Today all of the children came to our work site like usual, but this time it was multiplied! They kept on complementing my blue eyes and asking me what words in Spanish translated into English. They are be cutest kids ever. They said they will come to church on sunday, and some said they have Jesus in their hearts. Tienes Jesus en tu corazon?~ Elise Schimmelpfennig

Pucallpa april 2013-6

It's amazing how hard workers Peruvians are! I was impressed with the pastor. He spent most of the morning shoveling the dirt pile by the road and then spent the whole afternoon on top of the rafters. He is leading by example. I am excited to see him in the finished church on Sunday. God has chosen a servant to lead this church.~ Bob Constable

Pucallpa april 2013-4

Over 130 locals attended the dedication service in Acho Mego this morning. We had a wonderful time of worship and celebration.

Children were getting out of school and coming to see what we were doing at the work site. We introduced ourselves to each other and did our best to converse with each other. They helped us with our Spanish and we helped them with their English. We took pictures, sang "alabare" and smiled a lot. It was such a sweet visit. I hope this new church is filled with these children along with their parents and they come to know Jesus as their savior. They were very intrigued with Elise's blue eyes. They probably had never seen someone with blonde hair and blue eyes!~ Joyce Ayers

Pucallpa april 2013-3

Extreme Churches #15&16 finished this week by Kokomo First in Yarinacocha and Acho Mego, Pucallpa, Peru.

Join us there are more churches to build in Peru.  Find out more here: Short Term Opportunities