The Church Plant in Morro Negro

This is an update/thank you letter from Pastor Elvin Diaz. He is a long-time partner with Extreme who has worked along side of our missionaries in their work in Arequipa, Peru. 

One day in 2011 we went out to explore, with Ruben Reyes, a placed where mainly farmers and manual workers live called Morro Negro. The first person to receive us was a young girl named Gladis and God put it on our hearts to show the Jesus Film with our movie equipment. We showed up with some people from our church in Alto Libertad and for the first time there showed the Jesus Film. Many people accepted Christ. We wanted them to grow so we started discipleship with them. Coincidentally, with our 40/40 missionaries Nohemy Tocto, Beth Beers and Emily Rattle we sadly had to stop going out to Cural (an even further location but in the same area as Morro Negro), so then we were able to get more involved with our contacts in Morro Negro and do discipleship. That’s how the first meetings started: Saturday for the young kids and Sunday for the adults.

The missionary girls left a good group of women. Some of them stuck with it and others stopped coming to the meetings. But, those who have kept on with their bible studies are:

1. Harampa Bravo, Gladis

2. Maquera Taco, Julia

3. Llacma Sapacayo, Erika

4. Saire Bravo, Ruth

5. Saire Bravo, María Fernanda

6. Llacma Sapacayo, Alex Tony

7. Llacma Sapacayo, Cesar Ángel

8. Taco Lupo, Brayan

9. Aroni Spesa, José

10. Taco Lupo, Reynaldo

11. Valencia Fernández, Marco Antonio

12. Sapacayo Quispe, Alicia

13. Mayta de Huaylla, Gabina

14. Chata Coari, Yaneth

15. Llacma Sapacayo, Andrea

16. Llacma Moquera, María Luisa

17. Llacma Moquera, María Fernanda

18. Llacma Moquera, María Ángela

19. Llacma Moquera, Patricia Rubí

20. Saire Bravo, Emerson

We would like to thank many of the missionaries and leaders who had left a little of their lives behind here with us like the Watters (Tom, Robin, Tara, Kelly and Kurt) through 2012-2013. Also, thank you to Carolina Begazo (Pastor Elvin Diaz’s wife) who even though she was pregnant walked to the church plant every Sunday.

The leader at Morro Negro en 2013 is Katherine Torres Colque (a past 40/40 missionary) with the help of her sister Lucero Torres Colque. THey are doing a great job keeping up with the work our other missionaries had done and cultivating the work of the Lord until we have an organized church there in a few more years.

This year in 2014, God put something on my heart, that Morro Negro needs it’s own church building. It’s all thanks to God because Gabina (the wife of one of the leaders in the area) gave us a piece of land to use for one year, from January 2014 to January 2015. And thanks to Extreme for the walls that they donated and for the monetary gift that they gave for the project.

Check out the pictures of the church build!

Please, pray for these plans we have for the year 2014

Goals for 2014

  • Visit more in people’s homes

  • Have a youth ministry

  • Put in a cyber cafe where students can come that don’t have computers to do their homework and print out their materials needed

  • Buy our own land for the church in Morro Negro

  • Prepare the local leadership

  • Have 12 members in the church

  • Establish a day when we can have meetings, sometime during the week

Our plan is to inaugurate our church building on the 15th of December and to celebrate our anniversary on this date for the coming years.

Thank you!