The Master's Plan in Action

The Master's Plan is central to Extreme's church planting ministry. Ambato is seeing the fruit of discipling disciples into leadership. On Friday night we had a dinner in our house for those who are going through our leadership classes at the church. We played games together, reviewed the Master's Plan, and ate a delicious dinner made by one of the ladies from our church.

The part that was the most impactful was the talk on the Master's Plan. We went through months of training that seemed to last forever in the beginning of our contract. We reviewed the Master's Plan until we were blue in the face. However, the moment for me that made it all worth it was Friday night when I watched the leaders that we have been raising up taking ownership of the plan that all people in Ambato might know Christ.


Pastor said, "Most of you who are here host a Bible Study in your home. However, in the plan, soon each of you will open your own Bible Study in another place. How many here want to do that?" With all energy and passion everyone in the room raised their hands and started clapping. Pastor asked, "How many here are comfortable with the number of people that your Bible Study has right now?" No one raised their hand. Then he said, "That is a necessary attitude. We must always want more. We must desire that in our homes there are salvations. It is not about growing our church. It is about reaching the multitudes for Jesus Christ. Our growth as a church is a natural result of our passion to reach everyone for Christ." Every person in the room listened intently and the passion was clearly felt.

I realized that it is one thing as a missionary to study about evangelism; it is another level to do it; and it is an entirely different level altogether to watch those you have evangelized become passionate about doing it themselves.

I love what God is doing in Ambato and I am incredibly excited to see what God does this next year in ministry.

Chelsea and Nancy, Ambato 40/40s

The Master's Plan training takes place in Cali, Colombia. Those who are considering serving with Extreme will experience a taste in a Vision Tour that includes time in Cali as well as time with one of the church plants. Those serving as 40/40 church planters, Cluster Support and Pastors of the church plant spend 3 weeks experiencing the Master Plan in action and learning how to implement the training in their own ministry. Find more information about serving with Extreme.