Three Days to Build a Church

What is the fastest you’ve ever seen a building go up? Well, the missionaries in Latacunga, Ecuador got to see their church building go up in three days time! The church plant team began in May of 2017 and within a few short months outgrew their house where they were meeting. It was time to expand. So, with the help of the District Superintendent, Mario Paredes, the team found property close to their home and Paredes assisted in processing the paperwork.

Who doesn’t like wielding sharp tools that easy could take off a hand! On Wednesday, January 10, the 40/40 church planters were all over the opportunity to take up blades and clear the property of the overgrowth Indiana Jones style. Local leadership of the young church came out also to hack at the weeds and prepare the land for the portable chapel.

By Friday morning, the team had the foundation was set and the walls were being put together. Everyone had a hand in putting the chapel together one way or another. This chapel was put up in just three days! Sunday morning, the church was inaugurated and held its very first church service.