Mother's Day in Manta, Ecuador

Each Mom is special – whether she be from North America, South America, France, Japan, Europe, Mexico or any other part of the world. God designed moms to take care of kids…Mother’s Day was designed to take care of Mom’s. In the states, Mother’s Day is looked at as a day to treat your Mom with extra love and show her how much you love her. Churches may show a short video clip about how special mother’s are, possibly give a flower to each woman that Sunday morning.

Here in Ecuador, the appreciation is the same…it just looks different. In the Church of the Nazarene Manta we celebrated in three parts:

  1. We decked the place out for the Mom’s of the city to pamper them in a way that they could feel special. We wanted them to feel as beautiful and appreciated as they are!
  2. Kids ministry, teens and men all shared in different presentations to share just how much we value the mom’s.
  3. Pastor Luis preached on how much our Mom’s love us. He also compared the amount of love Mom’s have for us to the amount of love that God has for us.

Needless to say, there were a lot of smiles that went around! As one last reminder, we gave each Mom a single red rose so they would feel special all day long.

A Mother’s love is beautiful – just like God’s love is.