From Church Plant to Church of the Nazarene

God has been working in amazing ways in Ibarra, Ecuador!  On May 31, 2015, just a few short weeks after the its first anniversary, the Ibarra church plant has been organized as a full-fledged Church of the Nazarene. This is the first time an Extreme church plant has been organized so early in their ministry. Praise God! 11333998_10153307939200605_8297676608334402753_oThe church plant team saw a record number of attendees, a whopping 131 people, 35 children and 96 adults. This wasn’t necessarily an evangelism event, but ten new people attended the service and the church leadership team will follow up with them.

The overall theme of the day focused around covenant. On this important day in the life of the church, Pastor Hernan Puga, District Superintendent, called the church into covenant that they would be faithful to the call, and challenged Pastor Yoan, the local church pastor, to be faithful to his congregation.

The missionaries work diligently to hand their work over to local leadership as soon as possible. Sunday’s service was a beautiful testament to how God’s been working through the missionaries: it was lead completely by the local leadership and left the missionaries on the sidelines watching their leaders take initiative.11357287_10153307938980605_2453340161845318804_o

Becoming an organized church in such a short amount of time (nearly a year and a half) doesn’t mean the work is over. Now that the church has been organized, they can start looking for land for their church building.

Pray that they are able to find affordable land where they can build this church's permanent home and pray for the continuing work of our church planting missionaries to raise up and train leaders in the Ibarra church.

We are excited to continue to see God pouring out blessings on the city of Ibarra.