Keeping Things Supernatural

There are many concepts and lessons in the Bible that are easy to understand in theory. It’s a whole other story to seeing these lessons in real life. Christ told his disciples about the mysteries of His world, and the majority of the time the disciples were almost comically clueless as to what the Lord was talking about. It happens again when Christ speaks with Nicodemus about being born again. Nicodemus gets stuck in the natural realms and becomes confused about how a grown man could be born again. Jesus doesn’t spend the time to simplify His message; rather, He goes on to tell Nicodemus that if he can’t understand the conversation about things from his own world, then how can he understand the things from a world that has no parallel to his own? When things come up in church or our personal devotion time that confuse us and we do not understand, it makes sense that we’d try to turn them into the familiar so our minds can stop reeling. We may try to use our own reasoning to shed light on it, and put it into a box that we can label. And that’s the very moment that we strip these truths of their supernatural power. When we take things from the supernatural and we put them in the natural we take out the super. We make it normal to our nature when it doesn’t even exist in the same realm. It’s like taking a dolphin out of the water, putting in a living room of a house and expecting it to live happily there as a pet. It will die.

In Jesus’ life, He did some pretty amazing things, and yet, astoundingly, He tells us that we will do even greater things than Him. Jesus operated heavily in the supernatural and effectively invites us into that same realm with Him. He wants us to live in that space. The word super is Latin meaning, “above, over, beyond” (source). God lives in the supernatural, meaning He works above the natural. It is the greater reality. You can look at your hands and wave them about. They are real. You can feel with them and labor with them. But, they are only the minor reality we live in. They are a reflection of the reality beyond. The spiritual trumps the physical world in which we live and breathe. The risk we take when we seek to simplify the bigger truths of the Bible strips down what is meant to live in the supernatural realms to the natural, and we lose the power along the way making it simply ordinary.

It’s pretty easy to turn the supernatural into the ordinary. We are constantly taking in the world around us and forming judgments on what we perceive. These perceptions or experiences are learning tools that help us make sense of our surroundings. That’s the way we were created. But, just because a tool is useful in one situation doesn’t mean it’ll work for every situation. Goggles work great for seeing underwater, but they make awkward eyewear where there is no water in sight. Let’s resist the temptation to judge God’s word against our own experiences, as they are limited, finite and sometimes skewed. Take, for example, someone who was abused by a father. Per that experience, fathers are cruel and scary figures. That is this person’s experience but not the truth about all fathers, and is especially untrue of our Heavenly Father. Our relationship with God leads us into rectification of these sorts of life lessons that need to be unlearned so we can learn the ultimate truth. That is the path toward wholeness.

God doesn’t want to keep us in the natural realms. There is a greater realm that exists above the one we live in right now. His Kingdom is more real than anything else. It’s the dominant reality, and He wants to take us there. He wants to take us to that place of mystery. When people are confused by Christian practices, be it prayer, or healing, or the spiritual gifts or laying on of hands they are mystified. Why does this work? Why are we able to pray? Why would the Creator listen to us. We have been given a seat below the heavenly creatures! But why us? It’s hard to explain because it’s a mystery!

When God hides something, we think we need to break it down and simplify it into an easily understood concept. Instead it ought to remain a mystery. We need to press into God and seek out the revelation behind it. Instead of trying to make the mysteries of God break down in a way for us to humanly understand them, we need to understand them with our spirits! We need to seek out the revelation.

There is a joy and excitement we get to encounter in the mysteries of God. And these mysteries are not placed around by accident. They’re kind of like a trail of breadcrumbs that we get to eat along the way. Take a look at this verse:

It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out. - Proverbs 25:2

We are kings and queens in God’s kingdom, and it’s part of our exciting relationship with God to seek out these hidden things. Let the mysteries of our Creator envelop you and bring you joy. Get lost in the awe of Him. Allow your spirit to praise Him and glorify Him as you walk around the structure of this mystery. It’s for His glory that He has hidden it. Give him that glory. Then, begin to ask God to reveal what it means, or what it is, or how it works. Seek it out in prayer and feast on the answer He gives you. Resist the temptation to take your spiritual screwdriver to it to take it apart. These spiritual mysteries are meant to be understood in our spirit, and not our human minds.