Growing in Faith

When we left for the mission field, we were not able to imagine how it would be. We packed our suitcases with all the things we thought would be necessary, we filled our backpacks with all of our experiences, and knowledge that we thought we would need. We thought we were ready, but when we arrived to the mission field we found another reality. As days pass you realize that your experiences are not enough. The knowledge you have doesn’t help. You start looking at your bags, the things you have, and see that nothing can help you. You then reach the point of feeling that you are not prepared. You feel empty. When you’re at this point, you discover that you are now ready to begin the missionary adventure given by God. At this point, it is the beginning of your deepest experiences with God. It is the time you are able to truly know God. It is the time where you live by faith, not just Bible verses. Now it is reality. Your life becomes totally dependent on the one who has called you: Jesus.

That's where I’m at right now. I’m profoundly understanding God, living things from the Bible in a real way, having experiences that I never imagined, and learning to see God in everything and in all situations. I’m finding that even though it doesn’t seem like he is in control of everything; the only thing I need to have is faith.

This is my prayer, this is my breath:

Give me faith Lord.

(1 John 5: 4)

-Camila Lopes 40/40 S. American