A Glimpse of Leaders, Old and New

The most exciting thing to see as a missionary is the growth in people you have invested in. It means that all of that work really matters, and it's easy to fall into the lie that it doesn't. This recap on the first week of October from the missionaries in Ambato, Ecuador is a neat glimpse of different leaders in different levels of their walk with God.

NikolCJNikol and CJ

We had our first bible study in the house of Elizabeth Urribe, one of our newest upcoming leaders.  She is passing through a very rough situation but still wants to give God the glory and honor in any way she can!  She is an amazing woman whom God has blessed and we ask you to lift up her and her home bible study in prayer!  We are so pumped about what God wants to do in and through her and we want Him to get all the glory!


DavidArielAriel and David

We're very excited to see spiritual growth in one of our disciples, Ivan. We've known him for months now through his sister who is now a strong leader in our church as well as a cell group host. He had to go through the fire and lots of problems for him to finally come to the feet of Jesus and surrender, but he's done it! Now he's finished the Encounter and is in the discipleship program, comes to 4am prayer, as well as attends the services faithfully. It's incredible to see how God can use the bad for good!!!


NancyChelseaNancy and Chelsea

Tonight, I had the opportunity to watch our leaders practice a skit for an evangelism event and it just blew me away. I can't explain the joy in my heart when I see them loving each other and working together. Also, one of the church leaders gave the sermon tonight at youth service, and it was an incredible message. It was especially impactful to me when she said, "You know, it is not easy to stand up here in front of all of you, because you are going to see me on the street. You're going to be watching to see if I really live out the things that I am saying. It is a big challenge for me." How incredible it is to see that she gets it - that she must live what she preaches - and that she passes that on to the other youth and leaders in the church. This is the season of joy and blessing for me; I am simply enjoying seeing the hand of God move and see the fruit of His work in all that has been done so far.