A God Story: The Holy Spirit's work

Last week we decided to visit an old contact in hopes of inviting them to Love Extreme, but when we arrived, there appeared to be others already there. When they opened the door they quickly invited us in to celebrate their daughters birthday... as they started making introductions we realized we had already met most of the family over a year before when we showed the Courageous movie in their home. At that time they were all touched, but few made the decision to follow Christ. But now, over a year later, several family members shared how this movie touched their lives.

One husband introduced his wife and shared how he had shared this movie with her after the impact it had on him and they both thanked us. Our contact's husband Edwin shared how shortly following this showing of the film he faced many temptations in his workplace as a police officer, and another young girl shared how she has been attending a Christian church and serving in worship ministry. When we asked her how long she had been doing that, she replied "since I met you guys". That night we talked a lot about the Christian faith, and in the end there were many teary eyes as people chose to accept Christ with a sincere heart for the first time.

This evening Brenda and I expected a routine visit, but what we encountered was the Holy Spirit at work doing things in the lives of people we never thought we would see again. It is a great reminder of God's faithfulness, and how sometimes we just plant the seed, but it truly is God who makes it grow. I may not always see the fruit of my labor, but that shouldn't discourage me from going out everyday and sharing the gospel.

Sheena and Brenda