Ambato's First 100 Days-Week 2

This week the team spent time in the community cleaning up parks and vacant lots.  Then they went back to one of the Parks they had worked on, divided up into teams and prayed for people they met there. In their own words:

Suppose now is a good time to testify and give God the glory for what He did through us today! We went to a big central plaza/park this morning and setup shop - 2 people in each corner with signs advertising prayer for healing, family, work, etc... Led people to The Lord on the spot, prayed with people, taught them the word, one lady got healed, another lady got saved from being killed by some lady w/a knife! Probably made satan mad. Oh well. God is good. – David

The four groups covered the four corners of the park and everything in between, looking for people struggling with problems or needing encouragement.  We encountered many people going through a wide variety of things.  We heard stories of people getting robbed of everything they owned and of running for their lives from family members that were seeking to harm them.  We saw healings and spoke prophecy over people.  The day was incredibly impactful. -Chelsea