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Urban church planting is all about connecting.  Connecting people to Christ and His  Church, nurturing relationships with God and with a community of believers. It is also about trusting that God will continue the work he has started.   Several weeks ago David and Ariel connected with Candido.

It all started when we went to a park to do evangelism and we met a young man from Ecuatorial Guinea named Cándido Nill.  He arrived in Ecuador to play on a football team.

After this we were in contact with him but only via telephone, and we were always trying to meet with him, but for one reason or another he could not.  After about a month had passed, we had not given up hope because we knew that God’s timing is perfect.    We called him on Thursday, May 23rd to meet with him, but again he couldn’t do it.  We were eating lunch the next day and received a call from him to meet in the same park where we met him the first time at 5:00pm.  We were so excited, but when we arrived he looked sad.

We started to share the Word of God and after 15 minutes we invited him to make a decision of faith.  His response surprised us, because he answered, “Yes” with a lot of conviction.  After we prayed, his sad face changed completely to happiness and joy and he was very encouraged to continue learning about God.  The Holy Spirit was working in a supernatural way in his life, and we could only give glory to God for what happened.

via Cándido – A Salvation Story | Equipo Ambato.

This picture was immediately after Candido accepted Christ in his heart at Parque Cevallos in downtown. He was so full of joy that he wanted to capture the moment asap!

This of course is not the end of the story but really the beginning. And just as God's timing and work is evident in Candido's salvation story it is evident that when we are faithful to listen and do what God has tasked us with we are blessed to see God bringing the growth. So here is the journey so far:

We have been continuing to visit our friend, contact, and new brother in Christ, Candido. We learned recently that he lived in Barcelona, Spain for the last 15 years actually, which would explain his Spanish! He encourages us a lot with the natural changes God is making in His life and how He is saying yes to spiritual discipline. We encouraged him to get a bible and begin in Matthew, and to try and begin praying daily. Sure enough, he's been waking up earlier just to pray, bought a bible, and when we visited him this week, he was in Matthew 10! How cool! God is good and is doing the work and we are privileged to be along for the ride.