Children's Workshop: Ambato, Ecuador

Editor's Note: The quest continues in Ambato, Ecuador to seamlessly pass the responsibilities in the church plant on to the leaders. Chelsea shares about her and her partner's experience teaching leaders in the church how to take on the Children's Ministry.  “On October 1st, Nikol Calderón and I (Chelsea Weber) put together a training workshop for the leaders of the church who have a desire to work with children’s ministry in the area of Sunday School.  The purpose of the evening was to teach them the value of children’s ministry and inspire them to not simply do it halfway, but to truly give it their all and seek the Holy Spirit’s leading.  We wanted to teach them how to put together a lesson and deliver it, give them some teaching illustrations that they could use, teach them choreography to a couple songs, show them how to tell a story in a captivating way, and see in what ways each one of them feels called to work with children and preteens.  Seven leaders came, and they all left very encouraged and excited to move forward with the kids.


As one of the 40/40 missionaries, I left that evening full of joy.  It’s hard to express in words how deep the fulfillment is to work and invest for over a year and a half in a church and its leaders and see the fruit that God has brought in the ministry.  What we want more than anything is not recognition, but rather that the ministry would continue strong once we leave.  We desire that Christ would be glorified and that our leaders would look to Him above anything else.  We want them to be solid in their relationship with Him, and the night of this workshop was just another example of how God has surpassed all of our expectations and hopes in the kinds of people that He has brought to be leaders in the church.  I am impressed, amazed, and humbled just to watch and think, ‘Wow, God.  How could I have been chosen to be a part of something like this?’

Although our time of service here in Ambato has had its difficult moments like every ministry has, I believe that we are entering a season of blessing.  There will still be struggles, but we are beginning to see the deep fruit that God has been preparing all along, and that encourages us to keep going strong.  Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to be a part of Your great plan to reach the people of Ambato for Your Kingdom!”



Chelsea is an American 40/40 Church Planter in the service city of Ambato, Ecuador. She’s known even as a child that God was calling her to missions, and now she is actively obeying that call on her life. Chelsea is a gifted writer, taking readers on a journey through soul probing thought. You can read more about Chelsea and her experiences on her blog All In. You can also read this post in Spanish at Equipo Ambato.