Faith and Hope: Seeing God's Work in Antofagasta

Over these past two months I have learned how faithful God is in answering prayers. Our team started praying for the city of Antofagasta back in Quito, while I am a believer in prayer I have never seen God work so heavily through them, we prayed for softened hearts of the people and we found those people. We prayed that the people would receive the words we spoke, and God came through, we have many people who are very interested in being a part of our Church for the long haul. Personally though, I couldn’t be more blessed by God in Him answering my prayers, He has come through big time! When I prayed that I would have committed people come into my path, He gave me one and then when I began to pray for how I should make contacts He provided without even telling me the path to take.

One day Travis, Pastor Chris, Manuel (a friend of mine), and I went to play basketball and while we were there I invited a kid that was playing alone to play with us. Little did I know that God would use this the very next day! Rodrigo, the youth that I met, invited me the very same night to play basketball again the next day, and when I arrived there were 15-20 other people there that I got to play basketball with for hours.

Thinking about it now I don’t know how God could have blessed me more. This one game brought a friendship with another youth named Erick, not to mention started friendships with many people, some of who I am continuing to play basketball with to this day.

God continues to answer prayers, and He does it in His timing, but also with His perfection. Praise God for that. I am so excited to see how God will bless the people of Antofagasta and our team over these 2 years.

-Lane Freeman 40/40 N. American