Ibarra: Where are you on Sunday Mornings?

The Ibarra team has been in the city for about a month and in the process of discerning the place God has in mind for the church to begin meeting. During this time they are getting to know the city and holding evangelism events in the parks. Here is an update on one of their events  written by Michaela Rimmer. Something that we've discovered about Ibarra since arriving here is that everybody wants to spend time in the park on Sundays. So what better time and place to do evangelism? On Sunday morning of the 26th,  the Ibarra team went out to do one-on-one evangelism in Parque Bulevar, the largest park in Ibarra. That day we saw several decisions of faith, reconciliations with God, and many people open to a home visit. After more than an hour of one-on-one, we went to invite people to play soccer with us as another way of making contacts. While the guys made friends on the field, the girls  conversed with the women watching from the sidelines. In the evening we went out to another park to do more one-on-one evangelism with the youth hanging out there. Since then we have set up several visits with the people we encountered on Sunday, and are praying for God to open more doors in the hearts of the people.