The Most Beautiful Thing in Peru...

The College Momentum Team has been on the ground for a couple of days now. Last night they were asked, what the most beautiful thing in Peru was.  Here are their answers. Janice- the faithfulness of God's people here. Julia- Hearing Rudy's story and seeing how Gods worked in his life so rapidly.

College Momentum May 2013_2 Molly- How the beauty of unity among believers from different cultures is overwhelming. Ashley- the churches planted in the middle of a broken city.

College Momentum May 2013_6 Christina- the Peruvian girl who volunteered to help me work. Bethany- the volcanoes and mountains remind me of Gods beautiful creation. Caitie- how our team has evolved into a real family away from home.

College Momentum May 2013 _1 Cory- how open-hearted the people are Rachel- meeting a young girl named Giavana who recently has given her whole self to Christ. Reed- the positive outlook on life in spite of the lacking. Laura- the fruit of preliminary prayer and unexpected reception to the word of God.

College Momentum May 2013_11 Isaac- the devotion of the missionaries. Jessica- the impulse the missionaries have to pray over everything and their obedience to it.

College Momentum May 2013_4

Cam- the culture and spirit of the Peruvian people- they're very relaxed and comfortable.