Oat Juice and Blessed Visitors

The short-term team was a huge blessing for the Ambato Church Plant Team. Two of the missionary pairs talk about some of the happenings the third week of October.

NikolCJNikol and CJ

We had an event to pray for some people outside of a hospital, two markets and the bus station. It was a wonderful experience. We prayed that the people there would find salvation and we prayed for healing. We also did a mime show to the children and we gave a juice, made from oats, with bread to the people in every place of the city. GOD manifested powerfully and HE gave understanding and spoke through our American volunteers with the Spanish they knew to glorify the name of GOD!

NancyChelseaNancy and Chelsea

It was such an honor for me to have my parents, 10 other people from my home church, and several others from my home district here for a couple weeks on a short-term team. I had not imagined many of them in that context, but I was so impressed by thier spirit and their heart. I was so encouraged by their humility and their openness to learn and be transformed. I have been challenged in many ways by their presence here.