Proclaiming Life in Christ

Planting a church provides many opportunities to be available to God, to minister when He calls. More ministry happens when we receive a situation that is presented to us prayerfully and with the intent to be Christ's hands and feet. Being a 40/40 missionary involves a daily going, a willingness to be where the Holy Spirit leads. Last week, they were presented an opportunity to minister in a powerful way, to be the Love of Christ, to speak Life into a situation that Satan surely meant for death. This past Friday after our fasting service in the church, a lady came up desperate for help because her daughter wanted to take her own life. Some of us went to her house to help her and in fact, her daughter  wanted to commit suicide.  She was very anxious and shouted again and again "I already made my decision and I told God I’m going to kill myself!" We did not know what to say or do, but each of us prayed for her in our minds.

Suddenly, she ran to the busy street in front of her house intending to get  run over but her husband stopped her. He sat her down in a chair and her mother restrained her to prevent her from acting out again.  It was at this time when we  took the opportunity to pray near her, talk to her and calm her down. The Holy Spirit touched her mind and heart and gave her peace and calm. After she was calm, we brought her little 6 year old daughter home from school and when she saw her daughter she cried and hugged her.

We invited her to lunch, so we could talk more with her about her value in Christ and what happened in the morning that led her to make such a decision. She told all of us that her husband had a mistress and she could not stand this situation. The Holy Spirit gave us the words to speak to her and gave comfort to her soul.

She was reconciled to the Lord Jesus, as she had been a Christian as a young girl. When we returned to her house, we assigned her some small tasks to do like; read a chapter of a Psalm, listen to some Christian songs and watch a sermon about depression. She was very enthusiastic to do these tasks. Right away she brought her laptop to watch a sermon. After three hours of meeting with her we said goodbye.

We give thanks and glory to God for taking this situation in His hands and using us to help this life find the path to Jesus, who is the only way, truth and life!

Extreme Nazarene Missions is currently seeking single young adults to serve as 40/40 church planters in Cordoba, Argentina. Do you have a heart to see people come into true Life in Christ? Talk to a mobilizer today. [contact-form to='' subject='contact me about serving as a 40/40'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Phone' type='text'/][contact-field label='I would like to receive Extreme%26#039;s monthly newsletter' type='checkbox'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea'/][/contact-form]