Sending The Boats

Worship comes quick and easy in this crowd of like-minded people. Settling into God’s presence and uniting around something to which He’s called us brings us into a special space. As another team finished up their first phase of training, they were given these words to reflect upon, “This has been the easiest part.” Brian Tibbs, CEO of Extreme, told the group, “That is not to say it has been easy, but this is the easiest part.”

It was well recognized throughout the course of the sending service, that this group of Americans, Chileans and Brazilians are heading into front-line battle and that they will need each other to survive and be successful. They have come through the first phase and are headed into something new.

“Our team is in a really great place right now,” said Renee Morales, “We all see each other so differently than we first did.”

As with all the teams that come together to plant a church, this team has gone through it’s first “honeymoon phase”. New levels of trust have developed and genuine friendships and partnerships have begun to form after times of tension and conflict.

Each one of these people are like little colorful boats on a river. They each carry unique, personal and specific crates filled with stories of calling, obedience, provision, victory and defeat. As unique as each individual is, it is clear that they all float in the same river and are carried by the same deep and strong current which is God’s faithfulness to us, His children. As we send them off into a new section of the river, we understand that a new crate has been added to each boat and those of us who have gone before are given the chance to remember our own journeys and take a look through our own crates. As a greater community, these are times we need. These are times that remind us of how incredible the work is that God has invited us into. These are the times that we are once again filled with hopeful anticipation of what is to come.

by Amanda Duerre, Human Resource Coordinator and Editorial Team Member