The Woman on the Swings

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon, we were on our way to visit with Pastor’s family in the north, and met up on a busy street corner to take the bus together. We had a bumpy and full bus ride, about 20 minutes. We had arrived early, finding the destination along main street, which goes until the edge of the city, and instead of going directly to their house we decided to pray in a tiny stretch of a park on the side of the street. With the sun setting, we goofed around for a couple of minutes on a seesaw and take some pictures. That’s when we noticed a young woman sitting on a swing with a little girl and boy playing around her. We might have said a polite "hola" and then seclude ourselves in our prayer and fun and then go on our way, but instead we stayed a little bit longer. Shekinah was in the middle of a conversation with Lane when I noticed the little girl approach me with her doll. I said "Hi! That´s a pretty doll you have! What’s her name?" She was shy and didn’t answer. I smiled and laughed. Shekinah came over and asked her the same thing and the littler girl still didn’t answer. The young woman on the swing set spoke up and asked us where we were from. That opened up a conversation with her. We learned that her name is Priscila and that she is 18 years old. The little girl and boy are her two children Pia and Elean (3 and 2) and are all living with her boyfriend and his family. She was a high school dropout at age 15 and was living in the lifestyle of partying and shared a little bit about her difficult past.

It was certainly a God moment getting to know her like this. We shared phone numbers and communicated over the following week. Eventually we reached out to meet up the next Tuesday. Little did she know that Tuesday would change her life. Pastor was ready to talk to her about the life-changing work of Christ and shared John 14:6:

"Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

It was inspiring to see how the the visit went and how she came to accept Christ into her life. She understood everything, wanting answers to her many questions. I was stumped by a couple of her questions that actually made me think too! When we said goodbye to Priscila and her kids we were full of joy and a new hope for her life and the future of her kids. This is what every visit should be like! 

We have continued meeting with her on Tuesdays. We bought a bible for her and we continue to talk about what her decision to follow Christ means. She still has lots of questions that need answered. It has been an awesome experience not only for us, but also for Priscila. Since she accepted Christ she has noticed a peace in her life. She understands why there is a difference in us but she still needs to understand that accepting Christ doesn't mean life will be perfect, rather in our difficult times we have Christ as the rock to stand on. As we continue in the discipleship process with Priscila we ask for prayer for the health of her children, the joy of the Lord in her household, that her decision continues to flow from her heart, and that she continues searching for answers to her questions in the Bible. Maia Reynolds is a 40/40 Church Planter for the project in Antofagasta, Chile. Along with the rest of her team, she has been working in Antofagasta for a little over a year. You can read more about Maia and her work with Extreme here. Barbara (left swing) is chatting with Priscila (left swing) on the day they met.