Training, Tears and Flood Gates

The leadership in the Ambato Church Plant continues to surprise our missionaries on the ground. They are going to conferences and getting trained, taking initiative in church activities and simply acting out on what God has been showing their hearts. How could we not be proud of them!?

NancyChelsea2Nikol and CJ

This week we took some of our leaders from the church to a Master's Plan convention in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  It was a time to teach our new leaders what the Master's Plan is and why we use it.  It was a time blessed by God to encourage and raise up our leaders to a new level!

DavidArielAriel and David

Personally, I'm really happy and surprised by our disciples who are now leaders. They're serving, organizing events, leading services, leading prayer, preaching, & evanglizing like professional ministers!! This morning at our early 4am prayer service I was watching not only our leaders who were leading form stage, but also our other leaders who were walking around worshiping, and interceding with power and all their heart --- at 4 in the morning!!! I was really happy and at the same time had tears of joy, and God told me, "Look what I'll do when you say yes!!" Wow! I'm just so happy and content! God is good and he's doing wonderful things in our leaders!! - David

NancyChelseaNancy and Chelsea

Over the past couple weeks of evangelism, we have seen 100 people come to Christ, and we have 150 new contacts to follow up on! Several are coming to church and have turned their lives over to Christ. We are seeing our leaders also take a significant role in the follow-up process. Exciting stuff!