True Love

This Valentine's Day I'm in love - in love with a man who gave His life for me and to whom I have vowed to give my life for the rest of my days and His name is Jesus. This isn't the secondary love story for me. I'm not buying time until I meet the man of my dreams. This is the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me. I have the honor and privilege of spending every day and every moment with my Lord and Savior and have found a love that fills me up in a way that no human could. So to my Jesus: You are the love of my life and You will always be. No one can or will ever take Your place. Thank You for loving me every day in a way I do not deserve. I only pray that I can love You with my life in a way that honors You and makes You smile.



Chelsea is an American 40/40 Church Planter in the service city of Ambato, Ecuador. She’s known even as a child that God was calling her to missions, and now she is actively obeying that call on her life. Chelsea is a gifted writer, taking readers on a journey through soul probing thought. You can read more about Chelsea and her experiences on her blog All In

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