Urban Church Planting: Multiplication

Sheena and Brenda, 40/40s  from Cercado, share about how discipling leaders leads to multiplication of disciples and leaders within the church. This is one of the key components of Extreme's Urban Church Planting model.  We know that we can only do so much on our own, but that God can use those we reach to reach those whom we could not.  

This is a photo representing how multiplication should happen, and how one person who reaches out to another can set off a chain reaction. Brenda & I met Nora who opened a Casa Abierta in her home. She invited her friend Lourdes who invited one of her students named Mariel. Mariel has now become a leader and invited her friend Fernando. Fernando is finishing up his leadership classes and has invited his friend Ali to several different events. This past Sunday, Ali invited his dad to our special Father's day service. One person reaching out to another has multiplied our ministry much faster than anything Brenda and I could have done on our own.