Chris and Anndee Stringer

IMG_0264 Where did you live and what were you doing before joining Extreme?

Anndee and I lived in Rogers, AR. I was working with Walmart in the Corporate Headquarters as an Ethics Advisor in the Global Ethics Office. Anndee was a stay-at-home and helping with our oldest daughter's schooling. We both held ministry roles within our local church, Rogers First Church of the Nazarene.


How and when did you join Extreme?

We found out about Extreme at a Cross-Cultural Orientation put on by World Mission Mobilization in Kansas City in July 2011. Rachel Kuhn gave her mobilization speech and we knew shortly thereafter that the ministry of Cluster Coordinators with Extreme was for us.


Tell us about your first encounter with the mission field. Extreme or other?

Our first true experience with missions was us both participating in Youth In Mission in the summer of 2000. Anndee was in Macedonia and Chris was in Croatia. Anndee's role was to help with a Red-Cross camp and to aid with the physically and mentally handicapped. Chris worked with the missionaries on the ground to help plant a church in Zagreb, Croatia though various methods of relational evangelism.

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What is your most memorable moment with Extreme?

Our most memorable moments with Extreme are the Sunday services after our Spiritual Retreats. We have those every two months. The retreat is Saturday-Sunday, ending with our Worship Services Sunday evenings. People share their testimonies about the retreat, and we also have a baptism service. Those are always very special and memorable and help serve as reminders of the victories when we are passing through difficult times.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

What we enjoy most is that we are the first line of defense and the first (and most direct) level of support for the 40/40s. It is very rewarding to know that what I do is allowing the 40/40s to do their work in a more healthy, efficient, and supported way. The 40/40s know that they have a couple alongside them through the valleys and mountaintops of church planting ministry.


What has been the most important thing you have learned?

The most important thing we have learned is the importance (and vitality within ministry) of asking for and receiving wisdom. Much of our work is giving timely and wise counsel to the 40/40s. Having the wisdom to know what to say and when to say it (or what not to say and when not to say it) is something we have learned and continue to learn


How can we pray for you?

There are various ways you can pray for us. Our family (as well as four of our North American 40/40s) are underfunded. Pray for God's provision in this way. Also, pray for team unity within the Cercado cluster. We want unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Finally, pray for leaders. We are continuing to work to raise up leaders to be a base for the church both in the present and after the team leaves in December. Thank you for this opportunity and God bless.

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