The Gift and the Calling

Trevor Allen is the Messaging Manager at EXNM. Now with 8 years of work under his belt, Trevor shares in this article why he has continued to work in the administrative team for Extreme. Check it out and see how you can become a part of a fulfilling team like Trevor!

Something was shifting in my heart, and I didn’t like it. South America was my new home and not too long before this I had said in my heart that I would never move back to the United States. I had just spent 2.5 years on the mission field as a 40/40 Church Planter and I was resolute to make my life in the southern hemisphere. But, after the conversation, I just had with Sandra about her job in Ohio and how she brings Christ into her office, I felt God was turning my world upside-down.

I had an unhealthy view of what it meant to be a missionary. A disease of superiority had taken over my heart and I saw myself as more pious for serving on the foreign mission field then to serve in the States. Missions abroad was more exciting and I felt that my free-spirited personality got along way better in South America too. I didn’t want to leave my ministry for a job in the U.S. even if it did mean continuing to work for EXNM (Extreme Nazarene).

Regardless how I felt, I pursued the prompting and spoke to EXNM CEO, Brian Tibbs, and a few months later I was transitioning from my position in South America to work as the Messaging Manager in the U.S.

Messaging Manager... that means I manage all of EXNM’s communications, graphic design and print production, web design, marketing, and advertising. It’s really a hodgepodge of creativity.

Yeah! Creativity!

I would never have thought I’d say this about a job, but my work as the Messaging Manager at EXNM has been so healing. There was a time when I thought my strengths were weaknesses, particularly my creativity. People would joke that I wasn’t good with details, or I was incredibly undisciplined and messy because I am creative. After hearing that message repeatedly, I began to believe it and to perceive my creativity as more of a burden than something to offer the world.

My degree from college is in Spanish, so almost everything that I did for EXNM in the first year required a bit of research and learning. My first project for the organization was a rebrand. Our logo needed updating... and that was the extent of my understanding of what goes into a rebrand. After months of work, I came out on the other side with a successful rebrand and realized... I’m good at this and it’s incredibly fulfilling AND I am serving God on the mission field at the same time! The more I spend time in this position, the more I grow in the confidence that my creativity is an incredible gift. And as this gift grows, I come deeper and deeper into the understanding of what it means to work and worship, to give this gift of creativity back to God. While this would not be any different whether I was working in a for-profit design agency, there is an added perk of having a clear “why” that is bigger than just making money.

I’ll be honest, there have been plenty of opportunities that I have experienced frustration about my job. But, what has always kept me moving forward has been the purpose that is innately a part of working in a missions organization.

What is my purpose in a missions organization as a designer/communicator/marketer, you ask? My purpose in the Messaging Department is based on Proverbs 25:25, “Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” Father gave me this verse to cling to as my purpose. My purpose is to share the good news of what is transpiring on the mission field, to encourage and ignite people into action with the ultimate goal of seeing hearts changed around the world.

Something supernatural happens when you align your talents and skills under obedience to God’s calling. When we are obedient to use the gifts God has given us, He responds in faithfulness, in provision, wisdom, or giving us purpose... all of it! This has been my story as I have used my talents for the mission field. "Are you inspired to use your gifts to help propel the work of missions forward? "We have several positions open and would welcome your application! Go take a look and join our team! Browse Job Openings