I Am Extreme: Hannah Kuhn

A lot of the people we see come onto staff with Extreme Nazarene Ministries happen to come from good ol’ Ohio.  These Buckeyes seem to be taking root in Extreme, confusing us with their usage of the word “pop” for soda and their strange obsession with a game called cornhole.  Say hello to just one Ohioan on staff, Hannah Kuhn.


It’s a common misperception that missionaries are those who work overseas.  And I’m sure you’ve sat through the sermons at church that challenge you to think of yourself as a missionary.  Is it cliché?  Maybe.  But, only if you’ve never acted on it.  Hannah is Ohioan, and she lives in Ohio, but she certainly fits the description of a missionary according to the dictionary: “a person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission.”

Extreme could not fulfill its mission without Hannah. She has been with us in Extreme for just over a year now, and it’s been a busy one.  She occupies the arduous position of Mobilization Assistant, which includes ciphering through loads of paper work that comes in through interested parties looking to get involved with Extreme Nazarene Ministries.  Also this year her time was booked full with getting ready for the big push to speak about what Extreme is doing at the General Assembly 2013.

Her involvement with us is no coincidence either.  Much like many of our staff, God had her path marked out before her.  She was already familiar with Extreme when God lead her to join because of her cousin, Rachel Kuhn’s, involvement. Hannah says, “I was looking for a job and was finding it difficult because I wanted to work somewhere that meant more than just a paycheck or was "bigger than myself." In a classic God moment, Rachel, not knowing this was my desire, Facebooked me and asked if I wanted to interview. I couldn't say "no", because immediately the vision grabbed a hold of me. I've been Extreme ever since that day!”  And her involvement in Kingdom Expansion doesn’t stop with her work with Extreme, she is also involved in her local church where she works in the nursery.

Although Hannah is an assistant to mobilization, she’s acted as a mobilizer and has inspired some people along the way to join Extreme.  Lynda Day, who was a Mobilization Coordinator, and Rebecca Fahrni, who has recently made it to the field to work as a 40/40 Church Planter.  Rebecca was also a best friend of Hannah’s from her alma mater days at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and also someone who Hannah had been discipling through the years.

In Extreme, it’s not only our goal to see churches planted, but along with that to see those who become involved in our mission be changed by their work.  It’s like the story of King Midas who turns what he touches into gold, but instead of bringing a gold death to those touched we desire this ministry to bring life.  We want to see people absolutely, completely turned around through their involvement in missions.  Hannah is no different and has described Extreme as having become like a big family to her.  Her faith has also been challenged and strengthened.  Talking about one of her most memorable experiences with Extreme she says, “[There was one moment when]... our director Brian was giving a presentation that cast an unbelievably massive goal and vision. [...] I remember most looking at the faces of my co-workers and my boss and seeing how deeply emotional the idea of this "impossible" mission was making them and knowing that I am a part of something that not only believes in, but also puts their faith in miracles. We serve a God of miracles and I look forward to the day when the vision Brian casted is realized!”

You can find out more about Hannah and how you can support her by visiting her profile.  Hannah is just one part of this body of an organization that we call Extreme Nazarene Ministries.  If you feel led to get involved with Extreme check out how on our website.