Pastor Lenilde Huaman's Story

In Extreme Nazarene, we plant churches in teams. We’ve got five pairs of 40/40 missionary church planters, who act on the front lines of the mission work, i.e. knocking on doors and speaking about Christ, managing and executing events, consolidating contacts, etc. We’ve got cluster coordinators, who act as the emotional/spiritual/parental/cultural support for the 40/40 missionaries. And then we’ve got the pastoral couple, who act as the driving force to the teams by providing their experienced insight into how the ministry in the church should run.

Pastor Lenilde and his wife Consuelo are the pastoral couple for the church plant in Ambato, Ecuador. Though he is working in Ecuador he is far from home. “I was born in Quispe, a small town within the Amazon of Peru. I lived there until I was 17 years old,” he recounts. It’s neat to think about how God was preparing him those years he grew up in Quispe. He grew up in a Christian home where his parents were major role models for him in his relationship with Christ. When he was thirteen he officially gave his life to Christ. But even before that, God had been showing him what his life was for.

“When I was still a kid there was a pastor that inspired me through his commitment to serving God and that’s what made me want to be like him, but of course, at 5 or 6 years old I didn’t understand what God’s call meant for a specific ministry. The call grew over time so that when I was a teenager the call was stronger because even I could see the need in my own church. There weren’t a whole lot of people to help in the ministry, when I was 15, the chose me to lead the adult sunday school classes. It was actually really crazy, but it impacted my life and it was pivotal in my accepting God’s call on my life into ministry.”

The clarity of his call led him to study abroad, outside of Peru in the Nazarene Seminary of Quito, Ecuador. He had his first pastoral experience right out of seminary when he and his classmates were sent to different areas by the seminary to complete their practicals for their degrees. Lenilde was sent to the dry, high altitude of Arequipa, Peru in 2002. He worked alongside the superintendent of the area speaking at the different churches and eventually started to pastor one of the small churches there. He says that first church proved to further establish the call that God had placed on his life.

One of our own partners, Elvin Diaz, is actually one of Lenilde’s good friends. Elvin had mentioned the work of Extreme Nazarene to Lenilde on some occasions but it never made much of an impact on him because he was already a pastor of his own church in Ecuador. But, a little over a year ago Lenilde and his wife, Consuelo, had learned that Extreme was going to be doing church plant projects in Ecuador. “[The project] really caught our attention, so my wife in I started praying for signs from God. We were contacted by our Area Director (Dwight Rich) to propose our involvement in the church plant in Ambato along with a wonderful team of national and North American missionaries.”

They signed on not long afterward. Lenilde, his wife Consuelo and his two children, Eslie Jemima (6 years old) and Bruno Caleb (4 years old) have been working with this team of missionaries in Ambato, Ecuador for almost a year now. Their fruit is undeniably devine. With only about 8 months of having church services this past week they saw 150 people -including themselves- in their youth service. They are seeing great involvement from the leaders that they have been raising in their church too. It’s amazing to see what God can and will do through his obedient sons and daughters.

Lenilde offers his advice to those who are thinking about joining in missions with Extreme Nazarene:

“The challenge [to working as a missionary with Extreme] is to; have an open mind to the different cultures that are around us and to adapt, be willing to work in a team, respect and value the work of everyone on the team, have a teachable spirit (meaning that you be guidable and teachable), have complete dependence on God and lastly be willing to live in mutual submission to honor the leadership that you are given.”

We praise the Lord for his amazing work in their lives and for their blatant obedience to God’s calling on their lives. What has God been preparing you to do? Have you ever thought missions might be for you? If so, check out how you can get involved in Kingdom Expansion with Extreme here.